Yes you read that right. A follow up to my previous. From having a first spark to being ghosted.

I still wonder what I did wrong. I know everyone will say it wasn’t you. He just wasn’t interested. But let’s talk real here. In order for him to not be interested it is obviously something about me that is causing that to happen. Everything was going so smooth. We had a great connection, great chemistry. Made each other laugh, and it was super easy. All of a sudden, no texts back. Waited a day, texted him just saying he’s a horrible texter-which I have done before and we laughed about. A few days later I sent my final text, again light hearted about something we talked about. I stopped communicating after that. He clearly doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. But again, what did I do wrong. I didn’t talk about the future, or anything awkward. Only things we have in common and I followed his lead mostly. It feels horrible after such an amazing date and being under the impression that they want to see you again. You said it first! Not me! I get that they could have been just saying it but then I feel like I would have been ghosted after the date and not several days later. So again I wonder, what did I do wrong. Now I would like to come up with a general guideline on ghosting people. I do think in certain situations it may be ok even after a first date. Here we go.

  1. While you’re still just talking. If you swiped and you haven’t met yet
  2. If they are rude or disrespectful. On or offline.
  3. If you have communicated that you are not interested in it going further.
  4. If the aren’t actually single.
  5. If you can’t manage to be civil. “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

Now mind you I get sometimes life happens. You are not willing to give an explanation, or maybe they just wont take one. But keep in mind most people like honesty. A simple not interested, or I’m not in the right place to date right now. That can go miles. Even a simple fade out would suffice. People typically catch on to the vibes pretty fast. But remember if you initiate another date and say how excited you are to see them again, not cool. So in a few months when you text me, you won’t get the time of day.


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